Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Occult and Anarchy

I am an occultist, I am an anarchist, never would the two collide or so I thought. Suddenly a Florida senate candidate comes along and changes everything.

His name is Augustus Sol Invictus.

Christopher Cantwell. Let's start there. He is one of the most principled anarcho-capitalists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There is Lew Rockwell, there is Tom Woods, there is Christopher Cantwell.

Christopher Cantwell is an atheist, he is an anarchist, and as he has admitted in the past part of the fun of being an anarchist is that you are always on the outside. You're the rebel. It's part of what I love about it. You are the rebel. The outlaw. The outsider. People don't fucking like it. Cantwell? He not only walks that line but he crosses it all of the time. I love it.

I love it.

I met Cantwell while visiting New Hampshire under the guise of possibly, still, of moving there. Anarchist revolution? Secession? Come on. Is there something more exciting than watching the fires of the revolution burn? And here is Cantwell in his studio. I, my brother as well, sitting next to the loudest mouth of the revolution. Drinking. Talking. Those of you who know me know my deer story, well I got to tell Cantwell that story (and Cantwell did not laugh. Did I shock him? Was he horrified? I don't know. I never did follow up. However, it was one of the highlights of my gin soaked life).

In that moment I told Cantwell, I'd go down on that mother fucking ship and I mean that. I mean that.

So some time goes by, Cantwell starts a listener group, and here comes this man. Let's call him Invictus from now on. I have to be honest, I checked him out because he has my favorite bands name in his name. Is that a coincidence? Or is he a fan? I don't know. Hopefully at some point I'll find out.

So he pops up. There is a discussion. Suddenly here it is.

Now Invictus is an occultist. He is a Thelemite. Yes, a follower of Crowleys work. I am not a fan, and it isn't just because of the cake story (Next time I see Cantwell I'll tell him the cake story, maybe I'll get a laugh out of him). However I knew in that moment that my two worlds would collide.

Anarchy. Occultism.

I want to touch on this because it is important. People have been discussing it. Occultists, can they be anarchists? There is a lot of stigma around it. So here I am, answering the questions that are floating around the anarchist community on the subject of the occult and how it connects to the anarchist community.

I have had a lot of breaks with some of the more famous occultists, including one that has been published multiple times including by one of the most esteemed publishing outfits, Scarlet Imprint. I actually told Cantwell about this. I have lost friendships, and hindered my chances of ever being published within the occult stratosphere. I accepted it. Why?

The occult is about searching for hidden knowledge. The truth. People sometimes take the whole Wicca bullshit and imagine we are a bunch of feminist tree worshipers. We are not. In ancient Greece, in ancient Rome, and in the earliest parts of ancient Christianity (search the Hidden Book of Mark if you want more on this) there were colleges of thought called Mystery Cults. What they taught me, and what they are really based around, is the idea that you cannot just tell people things. If you tell someone something, no matter how profound, they will take it as if you are throwing pearls at a pig (Christians, you know what I'm referencing). The idea of the Mystery Cults is that understanding comes from experience. Which is one of the most poignant and powerful thoughts to ever come into my mind. It is the truth. You cannot just tell people things. You cannot just tell them: gun laws actually cause more crime. No one is going to take that. You need to break through the barriers of belief by allowing them to come to that conclusion themselves.

Crowley, yes back to the Thelemite we began with Invictus, is about finding truth and freedom through breaking your barriers. Breaking down all of what you think you know about yourself and the world through very libertine and spiritual acts. I walked that walk. I broke through those barriers. I came from a very Christian, evangelist family. Having come from that I can tell you that no matter how many facts you throw at a person of belief you cannot break it. You cannot banish the fear of hell from a person by explaining evolution. You cannot break the belief in the state by listing statistics. Beliefs are made through a far more carnal and primitive part of our brain. That is what the occult reaches.

When Invictus says that he is a Thelemite I had the instantaneous thought: this is so natural. You cannot experience the deepest recesses of your existence without grasping for freedom. You cannot dive into the pool and find it shallow. You need depth. You need freedom to swim deeper. Being a Thelemite and being a libertarian are only natural extensions of ones person. So, while Invicitus is an occultist, do not judge him on that. It is not a hindrance or a burden. He found his way from the confines of the state and from religion through the deeper parts of his mind. He freed himself, much as I did, from the brainwashing of the State, and from Christianity.

If you are an anarchist you understand this very fact, that the belief in the state is a religion. To break yourself from that fear, from that belief, may have come easy to you. However, some of us had to find it. And if the occult helped him find his way out who are you to judge him?

Cantwell has announced that Invictus will be a guest on his show. I for one am excited about this. My two worlds will collide. I can only hope that it makes a shower of light as it has in my life.

You should check out Christopher Cantwells work.
You should check out the Hitchens vs Sharpton debate.
And check out Sol Invictus.

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