Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Project #9

"You let me think I'm just your fan here in the GLORY of electric Leyba land.."

- Hannah Haddix

I’ve been a fan of Steven Johnson Leyba for a while now. He is an occultist, a painter.. when it comes down to it he creates. He creates beauty in almost every way, in everything that he touches. His art is a manifestation of freedom on a personal level, the breaking down of the boundaries that society puts upon us through school, church, peer pressure. Laws? Society? Fuck that, give me revolution! He creates that.

Leyba is an occultist in the most ancient sense of the word. He doesn't play one on Saturday nights, he lives it. It isn't dress up. It isn't in a study or around a fireplace. It is real. He is also prolific in the most amazing way. You could spend days just watching video of his work. It wouldn't be a waste of time.

One of my favorite parts of his vast library of creations is his books. Hand made, one of a kind, magical offspring.

Recently, through mere luck, I came across one of his companions in creation. One occultist joining with another to bring anarchy into the world. Anarchy through collaboration .

They create music.

No. They create sound.

More than that, they push uprising into the airwaves.

Project #9

When it first came passing through my brain the sensations were overwhelming. I couldn't believe that I had somehow overlooked music that Leyba was part of. I didn't know what to expect. Leyba creating? He joined his words with the music crafted by the wonderful Marly Preston. They created magic in audio form.

It is ritual. It is chaos. It is chaos over ambiance. And it made sense, instantly.

If that is the point, to take the societal structure and smash it against the earth, it does it perfectly. Your mind is drawn into a soft ambivalence by the music, but the message? Powerful statements shattering the ambivalent mind with expression. There is no rest here. There is no peace. There is change. There is always change.

When you dive into this music for the first time don't do it passively. Don't put it on in the background and daze out while surfing the web. Find a quiet place. Turn off all of the lights. Prepare yourself. If you don't the sound will eventually demand it of you.

You can purchase their music here, and help support some amazing artists: Project #9

You can also check out their newest song here: Security is Rape

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