Monday, September 29, 2014

Genesis P-Orridge and the Bight of the Twin..

"This was when it swapped from being a documentary about voodoo to becoming actually voodoo.. and that's when it changed me forever."

Where do you start when you're writing about Genesis P-Orridge? I almost feel out of my depths.

Genesis P-Orridge.

Before we go into that we should start from the beginning.

I was going through Indiegogo, searching through the different creative processes that were being put forth in front of the masses of the internet looking for some help. Someone to look upon their creation and offer assistance. And there amid the rabble sat a link to something that, if no other word could describe it, was perfect.


Voodoo. That's what Americans call it. The descendant of the African indigenous religions. It spread throughout South America, Latin America, and in the southern parts of the US. It took on many different names. Voodoo was the United States version of the fetish workings of Africa that mixed with the European Judaism based faiths. It still holds a certain amount of terror in the minds of the Westernized American people. Visions of dolls with needles, bonfires late at night with people dancing uncontrollably. The Crucible. Corrupting the young innocent white women of the States.

You can invoke those images and ideas from your memories if you went to any public school in the States. For those that watch certain channels on cable they'll get the distinct belief that voodoo, for the lack of a more precise word, is the workings of the Devil of the Bible. Falling to the possession of spirits. Working evil deeds upon others. Devils and spirits and Halloween.

In a world where everything is a click away the mysteries of voodoo, especially the base beliefs of the fetish acts of Africa, are almost unknowable.

Some film makers went over to Africa to do a documentary on voodoo. People went over to the heart of it and looked for the beauty.

They found it.

So much so that the film maker stopped making just a film. The film maker recorded a transformation.

The person at the heart of this transformation?

We're back at the beginning. Genesis P-Orridge.

I could list the accomplishments. I could give you samples of music. I could go on praising all that Genesis P-Orridge has done. I've almost tempted you with that idea from the start. And believe me...

I could.

However I've found, as I've found with most mysteries and magic, that it takes experiencing to understand.

I will instead implore you to dig deep. To find Genesis P-Orridge. To experience the work and the creation.

My first article was on the book Generation Hex. Eventually, after a few steps, Disinformation picked it up and added an audio link from the book release. There was Jason Louv, speaking on the release of his creation and his phone rang. It was Genesis P-Orridge. S/he has been there through all of the ups and downs of the creation of this modern magical movement. Here, creating something that is so haunting and so touching and in need of help to see it to a realization.

I ask that if you don't know the work and the touch to look, to experience, to find it and let it change you..

And upon feeling that change, come help with this. Maybe I'll get to see you in NYC for the premier:

Bight of the Twin

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